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The North Atlantic Margin continues to intrigue – and deliver opportunity!

Tue 29 September 2015

Category: Courses, London

Article by Tony Doré, Statoil U.K. Ltd

The rifts bordering the North Atlantic house some of the world’s most prolific petroleum systems.  Despite 50 years of exploration important new discoveries are still being made, most notably the recent discoveries off eastern Canada, with their implications for the wider Atlantic Margin.  As if that isn’t interesting enough, the region has also been a testing ground for rift and continental margin models since the advent of plate tectonics.  It contains reactivated orogens, abandoned and truncated rifts, hyperextended basins, magmatic and magma-poor continental margins and transform margins, many of which have become the global “type areas” for study.   Join me to hear about (and discuss) cutting edge research on these topics, examine the key controversies, and – of course – the implications for future exploration.

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