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The PESGB Geophysics Special Interest Group Needs You – Enlist Now

Thu 07 April 2016

Category: Call for Papers, London

The preparations for the Geophysics Special Interest Group (SIG) Seminar  are well advanced but your Society needs you!

Getting Value from Geophysics; Economy, Efficiency and Effectiveness for Low Oil Prices
The seminar will be held on 27th and 28th September 2016 at the Geological Society, Piccadilly.   To date we have finalise over half of the agenda and topics submitted include:

  • Innovative techniques for marine seismic acquisition
  • Low cost, high quality land acquisition
  • Improved deghosting for source signature
  • New insights from old data; realizing the value of heritage data through reprocessing
  • Broadband processing of legacy data
  • Regional depth imaging in Central North Sea
  • Towed streamer electromagnetics (TSEM)
  • Accuracy of depth conversion
  • Innovations in inversion including forward modelling of elastic reservoir  properties
  • Cloud computing for collaborative (efficient and effective) exploration
  • Low cost land acquisition

The Geological Society attendance will be limited to circa 135.  Registration will be available in May/June – we have delayed this to ensure we offer you the lowest possible registration fee.  In keeping with the theme it will be no more than £120 per PESGB member for the two day seminar BUT if we can get more sponsorship in the next few weeks we will reduce the registration fee accordingly.

The PESGB needs you and your company to:

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