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The Scottish Geology Trust crowdfunding campaign

Mon 19 October 2020

Category: Community

On the 20th of October the Scottish Geology Trust will launch a crowdfunding campaign. The objectives of this campaign are to put the charity on a firm financial footing and to forward key projects in education, promotion of geology, and support for Scottish Geoparks. We believe that unless the community takes charge of correcting the sorry state of Scottish geology nothing will change. We would be very grateful if you could support the Trust by promoting this crowdfunding opportunity amongst your membership via your online and more traditional communication routes. Details of the plans are available from Caroline Gould ( ).

We are looking for as much community support from all geological groups that operate in Scotland. This is not a request for direct funding from your organization, although if you want to donate we would be very happy, rather it a call for action to the community of geoscientists in Scotland and internationally who have links to Scotland. If we let this opportunity to change things slip, it may not come again.

The campaign link will go live to the public on 27th October at The campaign will be supported by video’s, articles, blogs and tweets all of which we would appreciate if you could share with your embers. We will share our press release in the next few days with all the campaign details and call for the public support.

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