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Welcome to your new PESGB Website

Thu 27 April 2017

Getting used to a new website when you are so familiar with the old one is a bit like getting a new mobile phone.

For the first few days you can’t find anything you need to, you can’t understand why it does the things it does and you question yourself constantly with “why didn’t I just put up with that 5 year old handset with the broken screen for a few months longer?”….

Finally, though, it clicks, and that new mobile phone is the best and most useful thing you’ve had in a long while.

We are really excited by the new website, and hope you will be too – just like that new mobile phone after you’ve gotten used to it! Some of the new features include a better navigation, making things easier to find with a more user-friendly approach. It fully adapts to viewing on mobiles and tablets, something we’ve been asked for a lot.
We have revamped the online membership directory, making it simpler to find the contact details for the person you’re looking for. We are populating the backlog of monthly magazines and evening lecture abstracts, which will be increasing as time goes on. We have already got more listed than ever before and pretty soon they’ll all be searchable too.

Critically, we’ve made the website and your member data more secure. This is one of the reasons we’ll need you to set your own password.
We also need your help. We need to make sure your membership data is as up to date as possible, and to ensure the online directory is correct.
With that in mind, when you log on for the first time and set your password, make sure you check your details are up to date – please check everything, it is always possible we have misplaced something during the migration of member data and we want to make sure it is right. It will also give you an opportunity to set your marketing preferences to let us know what you want to hear from the PESGB about.

Most importantly, we could not have done any of this without the tremendous support from so many people. The PESGB Council have been extremely supportive over the last two years during the tender and development process, everyone in the PESGB office has worked very hard towards bringing it together and we have had a host of PESGB members who have been kind enough to volunteer their time and efforts to get our membership data in order, to work through backlogs and to tirelessly trawl the website before it was launched to make sure it was ready for the big unveiling!
You know who you are, and we could not have done it without you all. Thank you.

Finally, as this is your website, we want to hear from you. Click on the button below to view the feedback page where you can see the improvements in progress and vote on changes you want to see.
We want this site to help bring our fantastic community together, so if we can help please do let us know!

We know that there will be a learning curve whilst you get used to your new website, and we hope that you’ll come back again and again to see the new features that we are going to add.

Give your feedback

Ben Gardner
IT Manager
PESGB Office

What to do if you haven’t had a log in from PESGB yet:

If you haven’t received an email from us asking you to set up a new password, expect to receive one in the next couple of days. Once you have logged on, make sure you check your membership data is correct!
If you haven’t had anything from us by Friday 5th May, please call the PESGB office and we’ll get you set up! +44 (0)207 408 2000

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