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YP Event Review: Look After Yourself- Managing Your Career Through The Highs and Lows of the Oil Price

Tue 14 July 2015

Category: PESGB Young Professionals

The PESGB-YP was honoured to host Mr David Bamford of Finding Petroleum on the 11 June to speak to us on how to manage our careers in a time of low oil price.  He drew on his 30+ years of industry experience to share with us the top-tips for forging a career in a volatile industry

David mentioned that volatility is at the heart of the oil industry and there have been many previous cycles.  Most people do manage to stay in the industry even as their roles may change and they may go through redundancies. He encouraged us to take advantage of the many different opportunities available not just with the majors; independent E&P companies and service companies but also with AIM- sized start-ups, private equity firms, investment research houses and consultancies. He stressed that companies place the highest value on integrators and synthesisers and that we should target our training and development to enhance these skills. He also encouraged us to find a mentor, learn how to communicate and pursue job moves that increase our skills, knowledge and experience.

We are thankful to David for sharing his experience with us and for challenging us to take ownership of our careers. The feedback from the participants was very positive, with comments such as ‘really great advice from an industry player’, ‘topical’ and ‘thought provoking’. We would also like to thank GDF Suez E&P UK Ltd for providing a great location to host this event.

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