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YP Event Review: State of the Industry Seminar

Thu 02 July 2015

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Review by Chris Cowley, CNR International (U.K.) Ltd

On June 25th a group of approximately 35 YPs descended on the Centrica office in Aberdeen to get an insight into the “State of the Industry”; a series of talks given by Graham Dingwall of JAB Recruitment four YPs, each at a different stage in their career.

Graham kicked the evening off by discussing the oil and gas industry’s current doom and gloom situation. He showed a series of newspaper headlines which referred to job cuts and reduced investment, something that we are all so used to seeing in the news right now. It turned out however, that Graham had actually been showing headlines from years ago which led to a discussion on the cyclical nature of any industry which centres around a single commodity, and opined that relative to previous downturns, the current oil price is not really that low.

Next up were our willing YP volunteers (John Sayer of Cegal, Leilla Farkhondeh, of Baker Hughes, Frank Campbell of CNR International, and Hash Rai, of BP) who had kindly given up their evenings to present to the YPs. Each of the YPs gave a rundown of how they got where they currently are and what their day-to-day job entails. They also gave a summary of the pros and cons of working in different types of company (service companies vs. independent vs. super majors) and why their companies suited them. Each presentation was insightful, offering the audience an awareness of how different companies function and offering the job-seekers among the audience the chance to speculate where they would best fit.

Graham wrapped the evening up with advice on how to go about looking for work at present, and offered answers to stacks of questions thrown at him by the knowledge-hungry audience.

Another great PESGB YP evening, thanks to each of our presenters and our willing audience!

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