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YP REVIEW: Aberdeen Energy Debate

Mon 14 January 2019

Category: Aberdeen, PESGB Young Professionals

The 8th annual inter-society Energy Debate was held at Spirit Energy’s offices in central Aberdeen. Three speakers, Deirdre Michie, Luca Corradi and Sam Gormersall were brought together by a committee led by the PESGB and supported by IMecE, SUT+, Energy institute, SPE, IChemeE YP groups.

100 audience members were packed into the room to hear the latest thoughts on the current challenges Scotland’s Energy sector faces and what sort of roles YP’s will play in the future industry that they will create.

Max’s opening piece focused on the recent market volatility, challenge of delivering energy in a sustainable way while ensuring we promote the sector for the next generation and wider public good.

Amongst the topics and questions discussed were:

  • How can the industry and YP’s be better prepared for volatility in the Brent Oil price?

-The Oil and Gas sector does sometimes let the oil price tail wag the dog with other sectors not as focused on what is often a speculative price.

-The key as in many sectors which are likely to be impacted by AI is being agile and able to pre-empt changes within the workplace

  • How can YP’s encourage the next generation of explorers from a school level upwards to join the industry?

-Being proud of the role we play in powering the economy every day.

  • As the North Sea looks to market itself globally as a super basin- made up of distinct areas. Which area most excites you?

West of Shetland stood out as a highlight. While technology development in all the different areas as it relates to decommissioning, field development and exploration are still emerging 70 yrs into North Sea life. Hydrogen will likely be the bridge-fuel to the future with Aberdeen well placed to growing its centre of excellence status in this area.

The debate was ended with comments on:

-Change seems to be the only guarantee and YP’s will need to remain agile rather than being carried along by external market forces.

-The industry is $7Tr Super-Tanker which has been on a set course for 70 years and it will take incremental changes to course correct.

-The opportunity YP’s have to get involved with societies either as members or committee participants.

The conversation continued at The Spiritualist where everyone was looking forward to the start of the festive period.

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