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YP REVIEW: PESGB YP Technical London Evening Seminar

Thu 28 February 2019

Category: PESGB Young Professionals, Reviews

Review by Corneliu Cosovanu, CoreLab

Deep Marine Bottom Currents Processes and Products: Scientific and Economic Significance (Prof. F. Javier Hernández-Molina)
Monday 28 January 2019

The first PESGB YP technical seminar of 2019 took place on Monday 28th January with Professor F. Javier Hernández-Molina as the guest speaker. The event was attended by 10-15 young professionals from various fields in the industry. Javier is a leading expert in deep marine sedimentation focussing mainly on “contourites”. He took us on an amazing journey along the deep parts of continental margins, riding drift currents, witnessing submarine waterfalls, getting dizzy chasing eddies or facing deep sea storms.

During the talk, Javier explained “bottom currents” are not as slow as previously thought but can reach high velocities and transport immense amounts of sediment thousands of kilometres away. They can even build huge barcan dunes which can have excellent reservoir potential. Javier also explained why certain turbidite fan systems are not where they are supposed to be as they have lost the battle against the enduring drift currents, emphasising the need to understand the depositional environment fully from an exploration perspective.

The evening continued with a visit to the Rack and Tenter Pub where the attendees had a pint and a chat, making new friends and sharing life experiences.

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