Charitable Disbursements

Due to a reduction in funds allocated for distribution, as a result of the downturn in the oil industry, the disbursement fund has closed to new applications until further notice.

Apologies to those organisations that were hoping to apply, we hope in the future to be able to re-open to application process.

What is the PESGB Disbursement Programme?
In line with PESGB’s objective to promote for the public benefit, education in the scientific and technical aspects of petroleum exploration, the Society funds and supports a series of projects and events to foster enthusiasm, growth and interest in the sector.

What is the aim of the PESGB Disbursement Programme?
The PESGB Disbursement Project’s aim is to enable people of all ages and levels of expertise to access the field of geology and to encourage and promote science education for all.

What kind of projects does PESGB support?
PESGB sponsors projects which provide a wider impact on communities regionally and nationally in the areas of science education, environmental conservation and innovative networking opportunities.

MSc Sponsorship

As the largest UK sponsor of MSc’s in petroleum geology, the PESGB has sponsored almost 50 MSc’s across 12 universities in the UK in the past 24 months.

“I simply wouldn’t have been able to do IPG without the PESGB funding as it was, unfortunately, outwith my financial grasp otherwise.”
Leila Evans

“Thanks to PESGB funding I was not only lucky enough to complete a Masters but more importantly it gave me a strong self-belief that my goals were achievable and inevitably made me work harder for them”
Hannah Jones

“PESGB funding for my MSc made the whole shebang possible,and for that I will be eternally grateful. “
Robert Horne

Undergraduate Mapping Scheme

PESGB has awarded the Undergraduate Mapping Sponsorship scheme to 59 undergraduates in the last 24 months, funding undergraduate research and inspiring young people into careers in the Earth Sciences.

“The PESGB Mapping award was a massive help for my third year mapping project. The prize money meant we could extend the trip and having a few extra days in the field was invaluable!”
Joseph Shaw

“I was awarded a PESGB mapping bursary to buy a new waterproof camera for my third-year mapping project. I used the images in my dissertation to help explain my observations. I was awarded the BNOC-Conoco-Gulf mapping prize for my third year mapping project“
Jonathan Hall

2014 – 2016 Overview

How many projects has PESGB sponsored in the last 24 months?
Offering sponsorship of more than £500,000 in the last 24 months, the PESGB has supported almost 30 highly successful projects.

Where have PESGB funds gone?
Almost 75% of PESGB’s budget has gone to the funding of MSc’s in Petroleum Geology. The second largest proportion has gone towards external charitable purposes.

What impact has PESGB funding had?
In the last 24 months, PESGB disbursement projects have directly impacted upon 133,330 people of all ages and backgrounds across the UK, with indirect impacts on many more. The most important work has been done in the school sector.

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