Website Development

Last updated 26th April 2018

Welcome to your new website, below is a list of planned improvements and bugs that have already been identified that we are working to resolve.

We want to make the PESGB website something that works for you and something that brings our community together, and with that in mind, we have also included a feedback form below which includes a list of suggested improvements which have already been requested – we would love you to vote on those you would like to see to help us with our priorities.

We would also welcome your general feedback, your new suggestions for improvements and please do highlight any bugs you come across. You can also do that using the feedback form below. We do aim to respond to every person who gives us feedback, and please bear with us whilst we do that.

Planned Improvements (alphabetical order)
  • “Calendar style” display for Events
  • Complete searchable listings of evening lecture abstracts dating back to 2002
  • Complete searchable listings of PESGB Magazines/Newsletters available online dated back to 1999
  • Direct Debits now show PESGB on bank statement instead of GoCardless
  • “Exhibitor hub” – for exhibitors booking at Africa, PETEX and PROSPEX
  • Further develop the online Member Directory to allow members to search by company and other interests
  • GDPR preparation
  • Improved access to the website for sustaining sponsors, regional branches and special interest groups to allow them to post their own press releases and news stories
  • Improve the online member directory.  Allow ability to search by more options
  • Improvement to Company Name – give option for Independent Consultant/Retired/Company Name
  • “Knowledge Transfer” section – member only area where members can pass on things they wish they knew when they started out
  • “Members on the Move” application form
  • News articles to show teaser of the article under item
  • “Renewal by proxy” – Ability for an appointed contact at an organisation to log in and renew all the PESGB members at that organisation
  • SIG / Regional Group section of website includes ability to join or leave the group
  • “Speaker hub” – for speakers at our events
  • Sustaining Sponsors feature area – giving full info on the Sustaining sponsors and allows us to give feedback on click throughs to those companies
  • “Themed pages” for the big three PESGB events
  • Updating marketing preferences – make this process easier to “opt in and opt out”
Identified Bugs (alphabetical order)
  • Ensure the events are listed in chronological order
  • Homepage London evening lecture event showing date of post rather than date of event
  • Increase the number of events displayed at one time
  • Improve text on mailing address to remove confusion
  • PESGB logo on homepage appears slightly squashed?
  • Pink box surrounding the filter on some pages
  • Primary email address inconsistent across site – lack of clarity between email address appearing in directory eg
  • Some members seeing post codes concatenated
  • Some members unable to update company
  • Two boxes missing on homepage of some members


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