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The best of the Petroleum Geoscience Collection

Mon 17 July 2017

This collection comprises 10 papers published in Petroleum Geoscience a refereed journal providing a multidisciplinary outlet for the publication needs of those involved in the science and technology associated with rock-related petroleum disciplines. Published by both the Geological Society of London and EAGE, the journal aims to improve knowledge of petroleum geoscience and reflect the international nature of the petroleum industry.

Papers within the collection:

Principles of sustainability and physics as a basis for the low-carbon energy transition

Role of rift transection and punctuated subsidence in the development of the North Falkland Basin

Quantitative seismic interpretation using inverse rock physics modelling

Regional variation in Cretaceous mudstone compaction trends across Haltenbanken, offshore mid-Norway

Modelling for comfort?

Fundamental controls on flow in carbonates: an introduction

Interaction of stratigraphic and sedimentological heterogeneities with flow in carbonate ramp reservoirs: impact of fluid properties and production strategy

The impact of faults and fluid flow on seismic images of a relay ramp over production time

Gravity-driven deformation of a youthful saline giant: the interplay between gliding and spreading in the Messinian basins of the Eastern Mediterranean

The Messinian salinity crisis: open problems and possible implications for Mediterranean petroleum systems


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All papers are free to read until 31 December 2017


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