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Geological technology providers Rocksolve announce the Token Sale of Roin on September 18th, 2017.

Tue 12 September 2017

Built on the blockchain technology, privately funded geological solution company, Rocksolve seeks to raise growth capital via a digital token sale (ICO) to establish global geological data gathering, sharing, and analysis services in a Cloud-based ecosystem.

Pre-ICO issue on the Stellar Network starts at 12:00 CET on 11nd September 2017 with ICO kicking off at midnight on 18th September for two weeks.

CEO Gideon Giwa, Ex Royal Dutch Shell geologist, started Rocksolve in 2015 to resolve ineffective legacy technology issues in the geological solutions industry.

Working to serve the energy, mining, environmental and construction industry, academics and institutions with innovative technologies that store, retrieve and share digital geological assets, The Rocksolve Suite includes products such as:

  • Geosolve – accessed on and offline in the field to gather and interpret sedimentary data
  • Geotelligence – geological intelligence database from aggregated and public data
  • Logsolve – intuitive well log data viewer & interpreter

Perfectly timed to innovate a mature arena dominated by traditional thinking, the team at Rocksolve intend to create the collaborative platform and channels that will interpret and collate natural asset data across a vast range of organizations.

Roin can be acquired during the ICO, earned by contributions to the Rocksolve ecosystem or purchased on exchanges. Users will be able to acquire and trade valuable findings enabling collaboration on global problems.

Current methodologies are obtuse – with vital geological data and knowledge stored in hard drives behind corporation doors or in obsolete note books belonging to non-communicating departments – the subsurface software market for the petroleum industry alone is worth billions!

Rocksolve intends to create an inclusive market for a collaborative data and knowledge sharing process using a decentralized digital infrastructure. The first of its kind.

Read the full White Paper at:

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