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The North West Highlands UNESCO Global Geopark needs your support!

Thu 27 April 2017

The North West Highlands UNESCO Global Geopark needs your support!

A UNESCO Global Geopark is to landscape what World Heritage Sites are to history. Achieving full UNESCO status in 2015, the 119 Global Geoparks seek to leverage geological heritage for the sustainable development of the territory and its people. They tell the story of the landscape, encourage visitors and inspire the next generation of Earth Scientists around the world.

Geoparks are not statutory bodies but community organisations that rely heavily on volunteers and donations to run. Since 2013 the Scottish Government has invested £248,000 in the North West Highlands Geopark. This combined with support from PESGB, SSE, Nexen and Edinburgh Geological Society has enabled us to secure UNESCO status, develop and open a visitor centre, produce interpretive materials, run guided walks, tours and festivals. Working with schools we have introduced Earth Science professionals to 94% of the school children in the Geopark.

This year we are facing a hole in our finances as the Scottish Government are unable to continue to support our activities. We raise money every year through project funding and product sales to continue our educational program and develop tourism but unfortunately this does not cover day-to-day running of the organisation or the on-going work which we do to maintain our UNESCO status.

Please support our Crowdfunding campaign to help secure the future of our UNESCO Global Geopark. We have scaled sponsorship/reward opportunities available via our Crowdfunder. Perhaps sponsor a staff member and have your company logo on their uniform? Or get in touch to discuss a bespoke corporate sponsorship package. 01854 622754

The Geopark is a registered charity and pays core staff using a mixture of donations and product sales. Currently we only have enough to last us until May so things really are urgent.

Please click here to read more and to donate

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