Educational Training Programme

Programme Overview

Welcome to the PESGB Educational Training Programme. Through our three branches of training we aim to provide our members with access to low cost, high quality learning to boost professional development. All events are facilitated by industry specialists hand-picked by members of the council to ensure the delivery of high quality technical content.

Course themes will vary, to cover subjects from Reservoir Appraisal, to Migration Techniques, Technical Skills, Petroleum Economics and Business Management. All will focus on ‘skills within a work environment’. The classes will be facilitated by highly experienced tutors who will be there to help you build your skills and knowledge for a solid future in the energy industry. A certificate of attendance will be issues on completion of each course.

Night School is our newest programme, consisting of 4, 2 hour training sessions run outside of traditional working hours. Courses are accessible to members only. In 2020, PESGB provided training in this format to over 300 members and our portfolio for 2021 is growing and evolving.

Field Trips
are a fantastic way to see well known sites whilst learning and networking with other industry professionals. Gain real time knowledge of UK landmarks with highly skilled leaders.

Personal Development Training
reflects a more traditional learning style in a classroom setting during your working day. Suitable for all experience levels these courses will provide a deep-dive into topics of interest.

Want unlimited access? Read about our NEW Corporate Training Pass!

PESGB are proud to endorse a ‘Practical Geocommunications on demand training course from Geologize with a 70% discount for PESGB members! Geologize teaches geoscientists to bring the public to a greater understanding and appreciation of our planet through effective and powerful communication. You can find out more about the course here

To access member-only events or to benefit from the reduced member fees please visit to find out how to become a PESGB member.

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Thank you to all our facilitators!

To all the tutors who gave their time and continue to do so, we cannot thank you enough, your contribution is supporting the organisation and its members in this difficult time.

David PsailaAnalytic Signal
“Very knowledgeable”
Bryan Cronin – Tullow Oil
“Anything Cronin does I’ll sign up to”
Alan Foum – Zanzibar Geophysics 
“Highly skilled”
Gavin Ward – RISC
“Concise, engaging, interesting”
Carole Nakhle – Crystol Energy
Knowledgeable, passionate, engaging”
Tim Gibbons – Hoolock Consulting
“Good – relaxed, confident”
Steve Pickering – Schlumberger
“Professional, knowledgeable and understandable”
Alan Atkinson – Rockflow Resources
“8/10”, “presenter was excellent!!”
Professor Martin Insley – Instratum
“Martin is obviously very knowledgeable on the subject”
Paul Logan – Chase Geoscience
“Well versed in delivering complex data and information”
Ian Jones – ION
“Excellent. One of the best speakers I’ve heard through the PESGB”
Steve Cannon – Retired
“Excellent mentor and great presenter”


Want to support our Educational Training Programme?

If you wish to support this important, member initiative we would be grateful for any input offered.

If you have a topic you’d like to present, please contact with a brief overview.

If you would like to discuss sponsorship opportunities further, please contact Your financial assistance will help us develop the Educational Training Programme and maintain the low-cost registration fees.





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