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The awards ceremony is designed to not only raise the profile of and encourage YPs in the petroleum industry, but also celebrate and reward the companies who strive to support their YP’s and recognise their value to the industry.

Young Professionals will have the opportunity to nominate and vote for their mentors, companies and training schemes, which they believe deserve to be recognised for commitment to supporting their careers. Award Categories will include recognising those that support YP’s through their mentoring and training schemes. Further details will be released soon, along with opening up online nominations.


Award Categories

Most supportive and nurturing company

Listens to the YP in the direction they want to go with their career, supports their choices – provides networks and opportunities for the YP to blossom.  Accepts potential changes in career direction and supports YPs as they navigate the industry


Best YP Skills investment

Company provides suitable mentors across the organisation for individuals at all stages of their careers.  YP can mentor on topics they specialise in.  Coaching is offered to employees to ensure they reach their full potential.  Provides a generous training budget and allow time for education and development.  Provide training which has a long term benefit for the individual as well the company.


Best Social Events

Award for a company that actively engages their YPs in social events and non-work related activities.  Events that encourage and encompass YPs interests outside of Geoscience.


Best individual Mentor

Given to an individual that has shown consistent key behavoirs and actions in supporting different generations of YP’s throughout thier careers.  An individual who is generous with their time and experience and has an enthusiasm for individuals at the begining of their careers.


Best YP Outreach Involvement

The company who reaches out to the public and particulary schools, involving YPs in the inspiration of the next generation of Geoscientists and STEM subjects.



Nominate for the YP Summit Awards



If you would like to purchase tickets for the event this can be done from the Eventbrite page here.

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