Mike Millar, London Petrophys Society – “Innovation and Inspiration – how evolving technologies have improved the working life of petrophysicists and other sub-surface disciplines.”

Mike Millar is President of the London Petrophysical Society, which seeks to promote, for the public benefit, education and knowledge in the scientific and technical aspects of formation evaluation. He was part of the organising committee for the SPWLA 59th Annual Symposium, held in London in June 2018, and presented a one-day workshop on Log Quality Control at the Symposium. Mike has spent more than 35 years working as a Petrophysicist on exploration, development and decommissioning projects.




Claudia Ruiz, Imaged Reality – “A virtual Field trip to Deep water turbidite systems in County Clare, Ireland” and “3D Gaia, Virtual Reality and Drone Mapping – Application of Immersive Learning in Oil & Gas Exploration and Development”

Passion for innovation and technology has driven me to found Imaged Reality, a virtual reality startup, focused on the Oil & gas Industry. We developed 3D Gaia, a virtual reality application that enables Geology field trips and interpretation of reservoir analogues in virtual reality and remote collaboration. We were selected to be part of Shell VR Incubator and successfully delivered a pilot with multiuser experience. Our technology is also being adopted by another Major Oil company with headquarters in Houston.

Oil & Gas Explorer with 23 years of international experience in some of the World most prolific onshore and offshore basins (Deep water Angola, South Caspian, Iranian Zagros, North Sea, Colombia). Deep expertise in oil & gas exploration. Proven track record in leading multinational teams, and in value creation in exploration and appraisal. Proven oil finder. Former member of BP Eurasia Exploration Leadership team, BP Exploration Extended Leadership team, and BP Colombia Executive Team. Current Exploration Advisor to Ecopetrol Executive Team and member of its Investment Committee. Ecopetrol is the Colombian National Oil Company.





Gaynor Paton, GeoTeric – “Machine Learning and Seismic Interpretation – threat or opportunity?”

Dr Gaynor Paton is the Chief Technology Officer at GeoTeric. Gaynor received a BSc in Neuroscience and a PhD in Neurophysiology from the University of Aberdeen, her area of research was synaptic transmission in the neuronal pathways of the brain that are responsible for learning and memory.  Gaynor has worked for GeoTeric for 17 years and her current role is the development of seismic interpretation workflows that work in a way that is cognitively intuitive and maximises the benefits of data analysis whilst incorporating the knowledge and expertise of the interpreter.  Gaynor was the honorary lecturer for the EAGE 2015-16 Student Lecture Tour of Asia Pacific and the 2016-2018 Tour of Europe, with a presentation entitled “Cognition and Colour Perception: How it affects Seismic Interpretation”. She has also recorded e-Lectures available on the EAGE YouTube channel. Gaynor has published over 40 articles and abstracts, covering a range of topics from Cognition and Neuroscience to Seismic Interpretation case studies and seismic attribute algorithms and workflows.




Dr Guy Loftus, Director, K2V Ltd – “What does a successful career look like to you?”

Thirty-five years working in the oil industry, 31 of those years as an explorer for Shell International, with assignments that took me across the world from Oman, New Zealand, The Philippines, The Caribbean, Malaysia, Gabon, Indonesia, Texas, London, PNG, Canada and The Hague.  As an explorer, I was involved in new ventures, asset management, shooting seismic, interpreting prospects and drilling wells to make discoveries of oil and gas to open up new opportunities, rejuvenate tired portfolios and take discoveries to production.  In the course of this journey, I have learnt about the importance of data management, which depends on ownership for success, as well as knowledge management, without which (I believe) fresh talent is directionless.








Ed Evans, Director NDB Upstream – “An Update on Digitalization within the Oil and Gas Industry: Implications for new and existing YP’s”

Is a trusted advisor on data and technical applications, a thought leader in the space who applies over two decades of experience working across the sector helping organisations improve performance, grow, change and innovate.

Ed has extensive experience in digital strategy enabling his clients to achieve results in productivity, risk management and operational efficiency by defining and implementing projects that take advantage of evolving technology advances.

Ed has worked as a volunteer school governor for many years. He also works as a mentor for a number of start up companies as part of the Mass Challenge initiative.





Susan Morrice, Belize Natural Energy – “The Ultimate Innovation”

Susan was born and raised in Belfast Ireland, with a Mod. Degree in Geology from Trinity College Dublin. Susan and BNE have together become a global oil industry beacon that has made a real difference in the country of Belize. It was through Susan’s gift of exploration, and her understanding of how to tap into the power of human potential that she was able to find oil in Belize where it was believed by all of the Majors in the Oil industry that there was none. Not only did Susan and her BNE team find oil. They found it on the first well which is unheard of. BNE just celebrated ten years of production and over tem-million barrels of oil, and is the #1 revenue generator in the country. Sus has applied this same New Educo Business and Educational Model to her investment in XJet in Denver a 7-star private jet company that is continually ranked among the best and most elite in Private Aviation services. XJet is rapidly expanding in Europe including London, and into the Middle East, including the United Arab Emirates. Susan received the 2018 Norman H. Foster Outstanding Explorer Award of the AAPG, given in recognition of distinguished and outstanding achievement in exploration of petroleum. Susan was also awarded the ‘AAPG Presidential Award for Exemplary Services’ in recognition of her exceptional service to the geoscience profession and AAPG. Just this year she was featured in the Denver Business Journal’s ‘Top Women in Energy’ and to CoBiz Magazine’s ‘Top Women Owned Companies’. Most recently, Susan and the BNE team were awarded the highly competitive and prestigious 2017 Global ‘GetEnergy’ Localisation Award for the Educational Model that is at the core of the company. It is with great pride that Susan and the BNE team received this award, as this holistic New Educo Business and Educational Model is the keystone of the company’s success.



Alan James, Pale Blue Dot – “Paris Agreement Compliance – Future Careers for Young Professional Earth Scientists and Engineers”

Alan has over 35 years of expertise in oil, gas and power sectors, in board, senior management and consulting positions. His technical background is as an earth scientist with reservoir engineering experience. He still enjoys technical aspects of projects and takes any opportunity to go and look at rocks in the field.  In 2007 he left the oil and gas industry after rising concerns about the climate implications of his career.  Since then Alan has worked in CCS with a focus on doing something to reduce the worst impacts of man made climate change.  Alan has been with Pale Blue Dot since 2013 and prior to that was Managing Director CO2Deepstore Ltd for over 7 years where he worked as a CCS developer on the Longannet, Peterhead, Hunterston and Captain Clean Energy projects focussing upon CO2 transport and storage.  He is currently working on the Acorn CCS project in North East Scotland.







Phil Houghton, ION – How Digital Innovation is Providing Transformational Opportunities in the Oil & Gas Industry”

Phill is an electrical and electronics engineer with over 23 years Oil & Gas Industry experience. Prior to this he had a successful career in the Royal navy spanning 13 years, which included periods attached to the Hydrographic and Oceanographic offices.  During his time in the Oil and Gas industry he has worked in a variety of subject areas ranging from airborne geophysics, precise navigation, geophysical software, seismic acquisition and data processing. He is currently the Vice President of Business Development for ION’s operations optimisation vertical, looking at business opportunities in adjacent markets for ION’s Marlin technology.








Charlie Booth, OGTC –  “Oil & Gas: An Integrated Energy Future”

Charlie is a project engineer for The Oil & Gas Technology Centre. Previous to this he worked as a mechanical design engineer in nuclear decommissioning, as well as a mechanical engineer in both the oil & gas and automotive industries. Charlie also has experience as a ski instructor. He has degrees in MSc Engineering Design and BEng Mechanical Engineering and believes there’s a “huge amount of undeveloped potential in small pools of the UKCS ~ £135bn to the UK economy in an infrastructure developed with Oil & Gas at its core – it will take time to change.” Further to this he considers that “currently Oil & Gas is transitioning into an integrated energy industry, which presents a huge opportunity to take learnings from an aging Oil & Gas industry and apply them to transforming the energy landscape of tomorrow “and there is a “massive opportunity to influence industry behaviors and technologies using learnings from other sectors.”




Marit Brommer – “Blurring the lines between the Petroleum Exploration and Geothermal Industries”

Marit Brommer is the Executive Director of the International Geothermal Association (IGA). She took seat in April 2017 coming from the Oil and Gas sector with a decade of experience in technology deployment and geoscience portfolio management. Marit is a passionate geologist with a Masters from the Free University in Amsterdam and a PhD from TU Delft. She is dedicated to transition the Association into a professional body renowned for its geothermal expertise, networking opportunities and global presence. In addition she is keen to strengthen the activities with Renewables Energy partners with a commitment to make Geothermal Energy play a substantial part in the Energy Transition.









Laura Sandys, Keynote Speaker – “Is it Energy or Politics that is holding back our energy transition

Laura Sandys runs the 21st Century Energy Regulatory Commission with Imperial College and is Deputy Chair of the Food Standards Agency.  She is on the CCUS Council and Taskforce as well as having served as a member of the Advisory Panel for the Government’s Cost of Energy Review.  She is co-founder of POWERful Women, a Visiting Senior Fellow at Kings College and a Fellow of the Energy Institute. She was previously a Member of Parliament for South Thanet and was a member of the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee and Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Minister for Energy and Climate Change.






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